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Overcoming Mom Shame

Society and social media would tell us we are either not doing enough or we are doing too much. If you don’t have a side hustle, your laundry caught up, healthy meals planned for your family, a casserole to contribute to the community pot luck, or your makeup done each and every day, you’re lazy. On the flip side, if you aren’t perfectly content being a mom and you want to have a side hustle, make a million dollars, travel, and hire someone else to cook your food, you’re a bad mom. Shame takes all different forms. Some is purposefully put on us by others to manipulate us into conforming, some we take on voluntarily. Either way, it’s not from God. In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve didn’t know they were naked. When sin came into the world, the first feeling they felt was shame. They hid from a God they couldn’t hide from, but they were actually hiding to protect themselves from their feeling of shame. We do the same thing now. We hide our true selves due to a false feeling of shame. We hide from other women by not trusting them (after all, they might judge us when they see our kids eat mac and cheese.) We hide from our spouse by not communicating effectively. We hide from our kids and most damaging, we hide from a God we can’t really hide from. We say we don’t trust people and we refuse to let them in, but really, we are afraid of the shame they manifest in us. We put up barriers we think are there to protect us. Really, they are just there to hide our shame. Exactly where the enemy of our soul wants us to be…isolated. The truth is, we may never be fully free of our shame until we are reunited with our heavenly home, but we can operate from a place of freedom and do our best to not let shame control us. The secret lies in tapping in to our true identity. The truth is we are Kingdom daughters, daughters of the Most High God. That, my friend, makes us Kingdom Moms. A Kingdom Mom operates from a place of royalty, not shame. She understands that she is a daughter first, a princess (her Father is a King.) She bravely steps into her role and brings her shame into the light. She releases her shame and lays it down. She allows her Savior to take it on and accepts the beautiful gift He gave her. He takes her shame so she doesn’t have to bear it. He takes her sorrow so she doesn’t have to carry it. He takes it so she can walk as the royalty she is.

If we are bogged down by shame, we will struggle to represent our kingdom. When we give it to Him, we can go care for the kingdom well. So, Kingdom Mom, today I hope you decide to take an honest look. Where have you been trapped by shame? Whether it was purposefully put on you or if you took it on all by yourself, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you choose to do with it today. Will you lay it at His feet? Will you grab the crown you’ve tossed to the side and put it back on your royal head? Need help? Check out the FREE training.

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