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Moms, STOP Thinking "Positive"

I know it's polarizing, but I'm here to call bologna sandwich on this mindset that exhausted, stressed moms just need to "think positive." I've worked with over 100 moms in our membership coaching, and interviewed many moms over the years. Many of them come to me thinking they already know the solutions. One of the solutions they often present to me is, "I just need to be more positive." "I need to focus on being patient." "I just need to be more grateful." These are all good, noble things to do, right? It's true, they are all good things. But, and just roll with me here for a minute, if you actually knew the solution to your problems, wouldn't they be solved? If you have been in a state of stress and exhaustion as a mom for the last 6 months, most likely, unless something changes, the next 6 months won't be much better. It's time to change something. I was once talking to a mom who had recently hired a life coach. As she explained to me the chaos and lack of balance in her life as a mom, she said her life coach told her she needs to focus on gratitude and "think positive." She didn't need positive thinking. She needed SOLUTIONS. Positive thinking is a great concept, and it IS important to focus on the positive, but when you have a giant, gaping wound, you don't put a bandaid on it. Positive thinking is a bandaid and the chaos and stress in your life as a mom is a GAPING WOUND. Bandaids are great, but know when to use them. When you have a GAPING WOUND, you need WOUND CARE. Let's first check our surroundings and get out of the situation that is causing us harm. Then, we need to go heal the wound. We need to find the root of the issue. This is the first thing we do with new members inside of the Stress Elimination Method. We figure out the root of the problem. The systems and strategies (the bandaids) come later. They come after the big wounds are healed and cared for first. Think about an injured athlete. Let's say she hurt her knee. She probably shouldn't be doing squats and lunges. Squats and lunges are great. They are good, healthy things to do. (Just like positive thinking.) However, if your knee is injured, squats and lunges can do more damage than good. She can't possibly do it with correct form. Telling an exhausted mom to just "be patient" or just "think positive" can actually do more damage. She may start to feel more guilt and shame for being unable to do those things well. Have you been trying to slap a bandaid on your life? Do you need wound care? If so, I encourage to check out our free training for exhausted, stressed moms. [WATCH NOW] We also have a podcast episode on this exact topic. [LISTEN NOW]

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